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Journal of Prehistoric Religion

Åström & van Leuven (eds), Volume V, 1991.

Acta Instituti Atheniensis Regni Sueciae

von der Osten, Svenska Syrienexpeditionen 1952-1953. Vol I. Die Grabung von Tell es Salihiyeh.

Crampa, Labraunda. Swedish Excavations and Researches. Vol III. Part 1. Inscriptions. The Greek inscriptions. 1-12 (Period of Olympichus).

Furumark, Mycenaean Pottery. Part I. Analysis and Classification.

Furumark, Mycenaean Pottery. Part II. Chronology.

Hägg & Marinatos (eds), Sanctuaries and Cults in the Aegean Bronze Age. Proceedings of the First International Symposium at the Swedish Institute in Athens, 12-13 May 1980.

Hägg & Marinatos (eds), The Minoan Thalassocracy: Myth and Reality. Proceedings of the Third Internat. Symposium at the Swedish Institute in Athens, 31 May-5 Jun, 1982.

Hägg, Nordquist, Wells (eds), Asine III. Supplementary Studies on the Swedish Excavations 1922-1930. General Stratigraphical Analysis and Architectural Remains.

Opuscula Atheniensia IV. Einar Gjerstad dedicata.

Acta Instituti Romani Regni Sueciae

Gjerstad, Early Rome. Part 3. Fortifications, Domestic Architecture, Sanctuaries, Stratigraphic Excavations.

Edlund, The Gods and the Place. Location and Function of Sanctuaries in the Countryside of Etruria and Magna Grecia.

Brandt & Karlsson (eds), From Huts to Houses. Transformations of Ancient Societies. Also Acta ad Archaeologiam et Historiam Artium Pertinentia, 4o, XIII.

Scandinavian Joint Expedition to Sudanese Nubia