Artl. no: A9
Published in: Stockholm 1965
Pages: 191
Language: English
Soft cover
Out of print

Opuscula Atheniensia V.

Hector Catling, A Mycenaean cup in Oxford.
Jaqueline and Vassos Karageorghis, The Meniko hoard of silver coins.
K. Nicolaou, Zeus Keraunios of Kition.
K. Nicolaou, Mycenaean terracotta figurines in the Cyprus Museum.
Paul Åström, Red-on-Black ware.
Paul Åström, Mycenaean pottery from the region of Aigion, with a list of Prehistoric sites in Achaia.
Paul Åström, Remains of ancient cloth from Cyprus.
Paul Åström, A handle stamped with the cartouche of Seti 1 from Hala Sultan Tekke in Cyprus.
Paul Åström, Collections of Cypriote glass.
Paul Åström & Börje Blome, A reconstruction of the Lion relief at Mycenae.
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