Artl. no: MB13
Published in: Stockholm 1978
Pages: 84
Language: English
Soft cover
Out of print

Volume 13, 1978.

Antiquarian copy available

Geoffrey T. Martin, Some Private-Name and Stamp-Seals in Stockholm.
Bengt Peterson, Steingefässe aus dem Neuen Reich.
Tommy Wadsten, Characterization of the Solid residue in an Ancient Egyptian Alabaster Jar.
Ingegerd Lindblad, Zwei Amarna Reliefblöcke in Stockholm.
Bengt Peterson, Vier neue ägyptische Prinzessinnen.
Beate George, Hathor, Herrin der Sistren.
Bengt Peterson & Gunnel Werner, Die Wiedergewinnung einer ägyptischen Situla.
Hedvig Landenius, Two Spiral Snake Armbands.
Cecilia Beer, A "Temple Boy" and a Head with Cap from Cyprus.
Charlotte Scheffer, Notes on an Athenian, Black-figured Amphora.
Mario del Chiaro, The Etruscan "Painter of Geneva MF 142" in Stockholm.
Suzanne Unge, A Satyr Mask of a Syrian Pavement Mosaic.
Karin Ådahl, A Fragment from Persepolis.
Annika Jonsson, A Presentation of Gandhara Sculptures in the Medelhavsmuseet.
Marie-Louise Winbladh, Acquisitions of Recent Years.
Carl-Gustaf Styrenius, Activities 1977-1978.
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